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This page is dedicated to the wellness and empowerment of people everywhere especially those with the lived experience of mental illness. I'll be sharing my thoughts, feelings, and insights as I go through this journey. Please check back regularly for updates on my progress.


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My Writings

April 2014: We the Sea

Not a footstep to be heard 
 Not a fingerprint to be found 
 Not an impression left 
 On the shore 
 Of the sea

I wrote this poem a very long time ago when life seemed so bleak and dark. I felt lost and alone. Life was meaningless to me and I 
was meaningless to life, or so I thought. I tried many times to end the pain of my life. I felt like the shore of the sea. No one could hear me. No one could find me. I made no impression on anyone. 

As I have grown and learned to refocus my life, I now live life instead of life living me. I came across my poem of long ago 
remembering how I used to feel. Then I had a sudden realization. I was never the shore. I had always been the sea but I couldn't see it at the time. I am the powerful force in my life. I have the power to erase all the pain that was dealt to me. I have the power to not let any of the events of my life leave an impression unless I want it to. I no longer listen to the words telling me what a loser I was, or how 
worthless I was. 

All of us belong to that sea. All of us hold the power within us to live life on our terms. There may be times when we can’t see our 
power. More often than not we believe when we survive an event we were lucky. We sometimes even think we deserved it. We 
honestly think we are the shore where we can’t be heard, be seen or make a difference. But once we can realize we are actually the 
sea and we are powerful then life can alter. We are powerful enough to live life on our terms. I am not saying just changing the way you think will make your life ok. Changing our focus can take time and lots of practice. Once you realize you really are the sea, then you can begin erasing the pain – not forgetting – but where the pain no longer has a hold on you. At least I did. I think you could too. 

Finding your power, your voice, your life is well worth the work this will take. The sea is powerful, dynamic and free. We are the sea. 
You are the sea. I am the sea. The power is within us waiting for us to discover the life we were meant to live. Today is our time to live 
life instead of life living us. Recovery is possible! 

Everything that is done in the world is done by hope.
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