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Janet Marie Pearce Paleo
Janet was born in Lubbock Texas on August 17, 1956. By the age of 5, Janet had a plan to make life stop. By the time she graduated from Oxnard High School, she became very accident prone. No one could see the pain she was living with. 

She started working at the age of 16 at the Donut House. Here she learned a strong work ethic which as served her well throughout her life. When the Donut House burned down in 1974, she worked at various doughnut establishments. In 1978 she gave birth to her daughter, Minta. Soon she went to work as a cook at the Canejo Valley catering company. Here she started as a cook and worked her way up to Warehouse Manager. During this time, she was also introduced to drugs. At first the drugs gave her the ability to take care of her young daughter and quickly she realized that the pain inside also diminished with the drugs. Finally during the summer of 1984, she became drug free.

Janet took a job at Budget rent a Car and developed a telemarketing program for them. Then she was hired at AT&T as a Special Operator for the Hearing impaired. Here she wrote their continuing training manual and taught new operators. This was also the time where she fell deeper into her depression. After seeing a therapist, she was referred to a psychiatrist who immediately put her in the mental health hospital. Although transferred from hospital to hospital, she spent two years of her life in those institutions.

To Be Continued....
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